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Policy work

I’m interested and involved in a range of policy-oriented research and work both within the UK and Europe more broadly. I worked with the Open Society European Policy Institute as a research consultant on a project called Continental Renewal. We conducted representative surveys in six European countries and interviewed elites in those same countries to understand the changing attitudes towards a liberal society. Another strand of the project engages leaders in a range of European and international organisations with grass-roots activism across Europe to develop a new prospect of reforming European institutions. Finally, we are also researching citizens’ rights during and after Brexit, which includes an outreach project bringing UK MPs to Brussels.

I have previously worked at the Institute for Government on a range of topics, such as devolution of skills policy, the management of Whitehall, and interviewing former ministers.

Examples of this work are:

Becoming Secretary of State, Institute for Government

English Identity and the Governance of England, British Academy

Whitehall Monitor 2015: The Coalition in 163 Charts, Institute for Government


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